Cargo Coffee Co. Istanbul

Food & Beverage
Client Cargo
Services Interior Design, Branding
Project Type City Cafe Restaurant
Region Mediterranean
Brand Cargo

Speciality coffee experience in an exclusive infusion lab

We like places that have some personality or a story behind them. So, we started to research background stories for coffee. We decided to create the concept of the coffee grain’s journey from tree to cup. The story became inspirational – and inspired wonderful imagery within the store.

The client took hold of our concept and encouraged us to push the idea and use plants and imagery of coffee plantations. We mixed this imagery with the urban aesthetic – bringing two worlds together.


The concept

Our client also loved clean shapes, neat design and to highlight the coffee process. The keystone of the design then became the idea of the ‘coffee laboratory’. The ‘lab’ was placed on a step above the rest of the store, as though being on stage and a theatrical focus for the customers. Surrounding areas are more colourful and contrast to the white lab.

Coffee lab

Illustrations of coffee grain are painted onto a white brick wall, greeeting the customers and so giving the cafe a more handcrafted mood and a warm ambience. Colours are contrasts of green and gold with a base of wood in the flooring and the detailing of shelving outside of the ‘lab’. In contrast to the main areas the white box is designed with white tiles and white mugs and stainless steel detailing. We framed the area with a black metal ‘ripple’ wall effect to emphasise the area even more as a theatre.

Swing for fun

There are many seating options to choose from for how you decide to enjoy your time with your specialty coffee – such as the lounge area for a longer stay, chairs for chatting, or swing chairs for swinging for fun and of course guests will enjoy taking a selfie in front of the huge mirror.
The design is elegant as well as fun and has a meaning and reference to the making of coffee. We feel it is important to remember where coffee comes from. And of course the cups are eco-friendly and the brand enocurages caring for the environment.

Coffee plantations merge with the ‘laboratory’ process of coffee making - to bring a fresh concept for a coffee shop in Istanbul.
Matthew Glover