NUSCA Extended Stay, Wroclaw

Extended Stay
Services Concept, Identity & Interior Design
Project Type Extended Stay
Region Poland
Brand NUSCA Extended Stay

A sense of simplicity & spaciousness

The space is calm, warm, simple and uncluttered.
The materials are organic, earthy, natural and reclaimed. Simple yet beautiful details.

Japanese & Scandinavian aesthetics

Inspired by the cosiness of Scandinavian hygge and beauty of imperfection of Japanese wabi-sa-bi. Greenery is essential but not overwhelming.

Designed in the local context

The boutique approach allows each location to reflect the local culture and character.
Every extended stay is unique in terms of the choice of materials, furniture and styling. Local context is also reflected in the curated collection of vintage furniture and artwork.

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We are using local products to create the interior which supports the local economy and limits the amount of transportation, creating a smaller carbon footprint. We incorporate products that have been recycled and made into new items or reclaim old products like curated collection of vintage furniture and lighting.


Design solutions are conscious, minimal and functional. Smart, innovative, ergonomic design that makes for a great guest experience and also improves the NUSCA operations efficiency.

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Textures that awaken the senses

Discreet soft lighting, raw textures, varying shades of natural colours in greys and browns, minimalist sanitary-ware designs. The more minimal the design the more spacious and relaxing it feels.

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Less is more in this extended stay design. Minimalist material combinations, minimal colour, minimal construction details,

Minimalist details

Multi-functional public areas

A flexible space serves as yoga and gym during the day and a cosy in-house cinema in the evenings. Exercise and wellness are important part of lifestyle of our guests. In the evenings this area becomes a communal hub. On selected evenings we screen a curated collection of arthouse movies. The housemates and their guests can spend a relaxing movie evening together.

Oasis entrance

The entrance leads through a dense green overwhelming space.
A clear transition zone between the busy city structure and calm public space of NUSCA gives a strong sense of arrival.

Communal dining

Breakfast time is a crucial part of NUSCA identity. The mixed function counter is a feature center piece typical for all NUSCA locations. It serves various functions: reception and info desk, breakfast counter, coffee counter, nightcap bar. A long communal table with random simple furniture gives a homely feel. We provide a space to prepare your own meal and enjoy it together with your friends in cosy and open atmosphere.

Interactive bar counter & lounge corner

Every guest is welcome to invite friends over and host a little party. Enjoy a drink together from our bar menu, or prepare tasty cocktail with help (or without) the host. The lounge corner with a sunken floor is easy on the eye, clutter free yet remains cosy and welcoming.

Following the design of the identity FIG designed the interiors for the rooms and conceptualised the public areas spaces. We are very happy to have worked on this forward-thinking project.
Hilary Lancaster