Zest Restaurant Avani Resort, Sri Lanka

Food & Beverage
Client Serendib Leisure (Pvt) Ltd / Minor International PCL
Services Interior Design
Project Type Food & Beverage
Region South Asia
Brand Avani Hotels & Resorts

A zesty appetite for tropical island chic

Zest embodies the perfect harmony between casual dining and poolside lounging by creating a seamless corridor linking three main spaces; the café, poolside lounge and the beach, with their shared panoramic view of one of Kalutara’s best beaches.

This was a refurbishment of the resort’s ‘Moya’ restaurant. Minor International’s intent was to elevate the space and its function up to global Avani brand standards. They required a preparation space for beverages and finger food, along with a pizza oven, ice cream and deli displays.

Interior 2
Zest Interior 1

Beach-side bistro

Blurring the lines between what differentiates a cafe interior from an outdoor lounge, from the beach – this was the initial spark for concept realisation for Zest’s design.

The bleached timber and cane furniture is reminiscent of the light sandy beaches the space overlooks. Ceiling and floor textures were kept to a minimum due to the very low ceiling. White scallop-shaped terracotta tiles along a backdrop of timber on the interior walls provides a pleasant contrast of textures against the upholstery with the subtle hues of the ocean and the beach.

With a colour palette inspired by the sea, the aesthetic conveyed is one of relaxation and tropical bliss.