Urban Lodge Hotel, Amsterdam

Client Private Client
Services Branding
Project Type Urban hotel
Region Europe
Brand Urban Lodge Hotel

Urban Lodge is a unique space based in the heart of Amsterdam. The hotel has a rugged, borderline industrial feel about it and the branding for this project needed to reflect its cosy modern feel while also being eye-catching. We worked closely with the client to understand the type of clientele the hotel would cater for, as well as the feeling they wanted to create for those that visited.

Urban Lodge logo image
Urban Lodge signage1


The decor featured at Urban Lodge mixes aspects of city and country life using lots of woods and neutral colours and touches of Classic Delft Blue. The branding had to compliment this and does so by drawing inspiration from the colours and shapes of nature, industry and traditional Dutch design.

Swing for fun

The decor within Urban Lodge is versatile and interesting and within the hotel there are many ways in which visitors can immerse themselves in their surroundings to fully enjoy this, whether that be in the rooms themselves, in the various beautiful seating areas or in the communal areas, such as in the restaurants or lobby. The branding is present throughout, adding a subtle yet notable nod to its stunning backdrop.

Urban Lodge Hotel Lobby03
Urban Lodge logo image
Urban Lodge Hotel logo3
FIG transformed a very dull, uninspiring office building into a cosy hotel through creatively interpreting their idea of thé hôtel name ‘Urban Lodge’. Their graphics and wayfinding were also clever and defined our personality.
Private Client