Urban Lodge Hotel,

Client Private Client
Services Interior Design
Project Type Urban Hotel
Region Netherlands
Brand Urban Lodge Hotel

Urban edge juxtaposed with cosy lodge

Situated in Sloterdijk, just outside the airport this homely hotel has a lodge feel because the area was originally farmland. When we researched the location we also discovered that the original train station at this location was the first one in the Netherlands, which then gave us an interesting juxtaposition in concepts – the ‘urban’ with the ‘lodge’.

We therefore thought that the name of the hotel could be Urban Lodge Hotel. The client loved the idea and allowed us to explore the mix of the two concepts. The reception has a concrete floor while the ceiling is recycled wood. Part of the rooms are ‘lodge’ feeling (wood headboard and flooring) while other parts of the room are ‘urban’ (concrete lights, concrete effect wall and floor finishes).


The Dutch influence

We thought it was very important to give guests the feeling that they are in Holland. Most people associate the country with the famous blue and white Delft pottery. We decided to take the colour and the Dutch style and apply the ideas to the main bar, the flooring in the lobby lounge, the blue and white fabrics and the glass jars in the restaurant, as well as the artwork in the bedroom. The tiles in the bathroom also picked up on this Dutch influence.

Casual elegance

The Dutch style as you may know is very casual. Even in the most exclusive restaurants and hotels, there is a laid-back feel, a feel that we wanted to bring into the hotel. The restaurant design is a mix of the urban lodge as well – the lighting was found in a vintage store and are boat lights, the chairs are urban metal, mixed with the wooden table tops. The lights are suspended at different heights with exposed wires, which makes the room feel relaxed yet elegant at the same time.

Home sweet home

It is hard to believe that this building was once an office. When the site was first visited the building was an empty shell. The feeling of being at ‘home’ was a far distant dream. After the narrative was agreed it was deemed important to introduce a real fireplace. The fireplace was located directly opposite and on the same axis as the entrance, so that the guests would see this as soon as they entered the building. The sofas chosen were meant to look very cosy and in fact the guests are often moving the furniture around as if it was their own home.

Artistic accents & finishing touches

All of our projects have a very special atmosphere which is largely down to the artwork and accessories that we source. The feature wall in the lobby of Urban Lodge is full of vintage pieces that we sourced from a handful of local vintage stores. The pieces include old medicine balls, old bowling pins, caw bells of all different sizes, brown glass bottles and even vintage radios. All pieces were carefully arranged and now are heavily featured on instagram. The blue and white tiles in the bathrooms were designed by a local artist. These details and finishing touches really make the design unique and enhance the guest experience.

Our first hotel with Fusion Interiors Group (FIG), we were very happy with the results. The hotel is loved by our guests and FIG were able to deliver the project to our budget.