TME Cinemas, Istanbul

Client TME Cinemas
Services Interior Design, Branding
Project Type Leisure
Region Turkey
Brand TME Cinemas

Chilling with muses of the motion pictures

The aim of this fun concept was to take the boredom out of waiting to see a movie. We took the idea of the cinema, took quotes from films and combined this with the idea of large imagery, cinematic type of imagery and combined elements of films into a dynamic, colourful and stimulating space.

We were very lucky to have been able to work with a high-ceilinged industrial base.The building structure itself allowed us to design huge bold walls of graphics.Fluorescent lighting with quotes also became features.

TME Cinemas 9
TME Cinemas 10

Multi-faceted spaces

The key challenge in this space was to break it up into separate but open areas to allow a variety of activities to take place.We achieved this by breaking up the floor, wall and ceiling finishes. The mix of concrete with black and white tiles, with wood ceiling panelling not only helped the acoustics of the space but also broke up the space into activity areas.

Even rugs defined sofa areas in small spaces. Long tables for dining encouraged customers to interact before and after the films.

Familiar faces

Huge deck sheet walls are covered with familiar faces and concrete walls have famous quotes on them to greet guests and bring texture to the space. Faces that look visitors straight in the eye from the huge blue walls aspire to be the muses of our concept and are also effective for their look and feel.

The green box

Several spaces for lounging allow the guests to find their own individual places to relax and interact.

Two bookshelves define spaces and define the ‘green box’ area where customers can have fun and take selfies! This idea is the first of its kind for a cinema and the client loved the idea. Any opportunity to be on instagram!

A multipurpose, multifunctional cinema lobby that revolutionises the cinema experience.