The Hendrick's Hotel, Amsterdam

Client The Hendrick's Hotel
Services Branding
Project Type Urban Hotel
Region The Netherlands
Brand The Hendricks

A blend of Victorian & Dutch inspiration

Our starting point for the branding was the silhouette of the building. We used this silhouette as the main logo then a Victorian typeface through the middle of the image.

We designed the logo and then implemented the brand through to the external signage, wayfinding and room numbers. Against the gold wallpaper in the corridors we fixed enamel plated signs and on each door we printed a different woman a name to continue the theme of the mischievous Prince!


Stunning black & white stationary

The stationary was designed around the black and white theme, the two buildings logo features on the cards, compliment slips and the envelopes. The serif font we used gave the set a traditional feel harmonising with the interior design.

Traditional & Quirky naming

The story behind the name of the hotel was generated by our team. We loved that the hotel was on the famous street called ‘Prins Hendrikkade’, a long road that passes by central station. We researched into the Prince and discovered his adventurous past. We wanted to build a story around him and his past so that guests would feel as though they were stepping into his world. So this is why we chose to name the hotel after him!

A Dutch woman’s name on every door

As the Prince loved women so much we came up with the idea of naming the rooms after fictitious women – whether from upperclass society or women’s names that used to be lower class names. We believed that the Prince loved women from every walk of life and was non-discrimatory! We find it fun to hear stories of guests asking why their room was named ‘Dorothya’ or ‘Marion’! There is a narrative behind the branding too which we love to create alongside the interior narrative.

A warm & inviting welcome

The exteriors of our projects are just as dear to us as the interiors, especially when it comes to signage. The plaque on the right side of the main door was a lovely touch to add to that feeling of arriving at an important establishment, with history. We framed the entrance door with typically Dutch lighting replicas of the original lights, and on the left building we backlit the full hotel name in a warm light, nestled between the front street height windows and the windowsills of the first floor.

We couldn’t be happier with the result of this ambitious project. Hilary and her team really brought the world of Prince Hendrick to life in a humorous and eclectic way, which is contemporary but still honours the history of our unique building.