NUSCA Extended Stay, Wroclaw

Extended Stay
Client Undisclosed
Services Branding
Project Type Extended Stay
Region Poland
Brand NUSCA Extended Stay

Creating a brand narrative

We created the brand story for this exciting new extended stay. Our idea was based around ‘waking up’. On the larger wider level, where the planet is going through a ‘wake up’ call, to the smaller level where how we literally ‘wake up’ in the morning.

A conscious hotel

We gave birth to this idea, in the middle of the pandemic in 2020. We created a brand, and a design that followed for conscious travellers, looking to stay in a
conscious building, with other conscious people

A quirky but elegant logo type

This logo type is a classic chiseled serif that has a lot of character, and in this shade of green, it feels playful, so , yet also has the strength it needs for a strong extended stay logo. It has integrity.

Creating an identity

The sun symbol can be used on it’s own on objects such as tote bags. It works in a large or small format. The symbol can be used for the brand language and the typeface has personality and brings character to the creative copy.

Door Hanger
Canvas Tote Bag MockUp

The identity, when expressed in the applications, the door hangers, the bags and the business cards, key cards becomes very strong. Our design works across
so many applications.

Hotel key cards

Art direction style

Art direction creates the vision, defines the tone, style, mood, and emotion that should be conveyed. The art direction concept is about – showing natural images of waking up in the morning detailed photography of the type of food served in the extended stay, of local activities. A relaxed tone infusing emotions of authenticity.

The name & the values

We came up with the name Nusca. The name is created by joining together the first letters of important values for the brand – Natural (N), Universal (U), Social (S), Calm (C), Awake (A). The sound of the letters together makes a soft name, feminine, with a personal touch as though it is a nickname of your best friend. The brand allows you to feel a personal connection with it.

“FIG created the brand story and naming of ‘Nusca’ as well as all of the identity work which the client will be using for the future rollout. We are very happy to have worked on this forward-thinking project alongside the interior design’
Hilary Lancaster