Mercure Hotel, Cardiff & Sheffield

Client Amaris Hospitality
Services Interior Design
Project Type Urban Hotel
Region UK
Brand Mercure Hotel

Two diverse “glocal” hotels with unique personalities

An opportunity to explore and understand what was unique about the two seperate locations of these Mercure hotels, taking inspiration from the architecture, the locality and our target audience we created an interior design that is both engaging and aspirational and resonates with all guests.

Our brief was to design both interiors with strong regional routes in an authentic and contemporary way which would evoke within the guest what is most appealing about each destination.

The design concept reflects each hotel’s unique personality and works within each of their own environments.


A tale of two cities

The use of graduated colour and a palette of ripples and organic textures is suggestive of a historical timeline, identifying a transient past. The layers of sand and colourful sediment reflect a diverse industry, culture and race within Cardiff and the surrounding area through the decades.

Cellular patterns and structal forms have been encapsulated through the use of textiles and colour within the interior design concept for the hotel rooms in Sheffield and natural materials pay tribute to a fresh forward looking city known as “ the Steel City” that has progressed from the nostalgic and retrospective use of steel and concrete.

A change of tide

The refurbishment of the hotel rooms focused on the overall look and feel, operational efficency and attention to detail to make a dramatic difference to the guest experience and ensures that their stay is a memorable one.

Although each hotel’s rooms had their own personality the interior design shared some common elements such as the case goods and bathroom finishes which unified the Mercure brand but also helped maximise on the budget

Natural elements

Natural formation and motion through material elements are used in both
interiors, undulating and flowing grooves represent the tidal sands of Cardiff bay and organic natural structures with patterned veins simulate the beauty of the plant life of Sheffield’s Winter Gardens that neighbor the hotel.

A winter garden

The hotel in Sheffield can be accessed via the city’s Winter Gardens, The natural aesthetic of the catenary arch at the entrance to the attraction simulates the biological architecure found in plants and represents a sense of strength while celebrating a phenomenal living resource. The structure serves as a reminder of the economical, ecological, medicinal and educational properties of our planet’s plant life which we captured and enhanced within the design concept.

Two well designed hotels that have really made all at Accor sit up and take note, we are very pleased.