The Hendrick's Hotel,

Client Private Client
Services Interior Design
Project Type Urban Hotel
Region The Netherlands
Brand The Hendrick’s Hotel

History, humour & mischievous charm

The enchanting boutique hotel consists of two combined buildings that were originally constructed in the last quarter of the 18th Century. In the late 1800’s these buildings were occupied by the prestigious Twentsche Bank up until the 1950’s.

The open brief from the client led our exploration to the Dutch Golden Age, in which Dutch trade, science, military, and art were among the most acclaimed in the world. The hotel needed to reflect this significant heritage by creating an intriguing atmosphere of mystery and timeless adventure that resonates with all types of visitors.


A colourful character

We named the hotel ‘The Hendrick’s because the 17th century monumental canal house resides on the Prins Hendrikadde, a commemorated street named after Prince Hendrick. The Consort of the Netherlands was a playful and mischievous character and his life’s journey was defined by his long voyages at sea with the German army and his shameless love of women.

The interior concept for the Hendrick’s hotel serves to tell the stories of Amsterdam’s Golden Age, the building’s banking history, the eccentric personality of Prince Hendricks and his most romantic love affairs.

Intrigue & discovery

The bookshelves in the lobby exhibit an intricate display of antiquities and curiosities from the Prince’s voyages around the world, suggestive of a treasured private collection within his own living quarters. The furniture has a sense of authenticity with a classic, vintage look. A feeling of eccentricity was achieved by using an eclectic mix of luxury fabrics. The lobby is perhaps a glimpse into the consort’s fascinating life where there is always something new to discover. Designed to reflect royalty, a touch of opulence and an insight into the Prince’s eccentric personality.

Tradition at the helm

The hotel was originally a ‘pakhuis’ storing a wide range of interesting trade goods as it looked over the IJ waterway and the old northern border of the city where ships would sail to disembark. Nautical inspired lights are suspended above the breakfast area and a magnificant old ship’s helm hangs above the original staircase to the basement.

The reception is defined by a desk that was inspired by a traditional banking counter that pays homage to the old bank that once traded in the building.

Hendrick’s & his court

The names of the special woman in Prince Hendrick’s life bequeath their name to each guestroom. Dark turquoise greens, copper accents and framed authentic bank cheques pay tribute to the old Twentsche Bank. Accents of world travel and olive green hues glorify the travels of the worldly Prince. A palette of pale green and pink accents and hand drawn illustrations embody a deep and sultry romance. Royal guestrooms are dressed with navy blue, dark grey and exposed timber beams. Rooms with a decor of fresh white and blue honour the maritime history of the city.

We couldn’t be happier with the result of this ambitious project. Hilary and her team really brought the world of Prince Hendrick to life in a humorous and eclectic way, which is contemporary but still honours the history of our unique building.