Gudee Restaurant Dubai

Client Gudee
Services Interior Design
Project Type F&B
Region Dubai, UAE
Brand Gudee

A colonial vibe with eclectic & exotic notes

The restaurant concept is a twist on the European Colonial style that reflects the tastes of prominent European notaries who traveled the globe bringing back furniture and exotic pieces of fabric from their journeys to show off how far they had traveled. This contemporary collection of materials contributes to an eclectic look that mixes handmade furniture and traditional fabrics of European interiors with lighter, brighter fabrics and furnishings derived from the Caribbean, India, Africa and the Far East.

An era of elegance

Light colours and lightweight materials are indicative of a European Colonial style. The interior colour palette is light with whites, tans and light greens. Dark timber and rattan weave are used for both furniture and window treatments. The rattan furniture is mixed with tables with a white marble finish to give the restaurant a fresh and modern look. The floor is reminiscent of Eastern porcelain and golden palm leaves adorn the feature ceiling lights to bring a global look to the interior, while the dominating gold ceiling pays tribute to the wealth of the modern city.

The challenge of merging a collection of styles was to evoke a bygone era of elegance but also to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.