Fulham Pier Bistro, London

Food & Beverage
Client Fulham Football Club
Services Concept
Project Type Food & Beverage
Region UK
Brand Fulham Football Club

Bistro Vibe

The experience of the Bistro is defined by the ‘vibe’. We are creating a relaxed atmosphere, furniture and finishes that are not too opulent, everything is easy and friendly and informal. We are re-creating the noise and atmosphere of the pubs along the river nearby but we take it up a notch with the design. The vibe they experience is a real taste of being in a match experience without necessarily going on the match.


The design of the Bistro has a spirit that comes from the past and the origins of Craven Cottage but re-interpreted in a contemporary way. The design sits comfortably amongst the London’s leading restaurants yet has the spirit of the original football club that no other restaurant in London will have. Mirror, tiles, and traditional timber panelling with copper accents are applied but in a contemporary way. We took inspiration from the photography of the early days and incorporated that tastefully into the design – re-using the idea from the original stadium stands.

Design-led London with historic twist


Operational efficiency ability to adapt

The restaurant layout and furniture needs to allow for flexibility and various dining experiences. Communal tables are important and modular furniture, as well as a good mix of indoor and outdoor furniture. We have TV screens integrated into the design whereby they can be concealed on non-match days and brought out on match days. The tone is dialed up and dialed down according to the mood or to the event. A complete change of atmospheres comes from building in flexibility into the design.

FIG’s concept and schematic design work for the Fulham Football Club new stadium development pitch was outstanding. We would highly recommend them as a creative and professional team of designers.
Phil Pickett, Legends Project Management