Club Med Playa Esmeralda, Caribbean

Client Club Med
Services Interior Design
Project Type Resort Hotel
Region Dominican Republic
Brand Club Med

The ultimate in natural luxury, and Caribbean vibrancy.

The resort location is one of the most untouched and pristine on the Island of the Dominican Republic and our goal and the brief was to maintain the sensation of being surrounded by the natural elements. We were respecting nature and incorporating it into the interiors. The Spa is based on the theme of the butterfly because there are thousands of species on the Island. The buffet is based on the theme of Caribbean fruit, the pineapple and coconut inspired the shapes of the food stations. The theme of one of the restaurants called ‘Emerald Paradise’ is based on the colours and plants of the local jungle with monkey lights dotted around to represent the huge monkey population on the island.


The Caribbean Carnival

Totally influenced by the bombastic Caribbean Carnival, the ‘Beach Lounge’ interiors reflect this renowned celebration with a wonderful clash of multi colours and patterns on its fabrics. The intentional clash of patterns interprets the variety of costumes in the carnival parades. This buoyancy of colours are well balanced and contemporary, the materials clearly denote the areas for the bar and restaurant as well as the lounge and terrace.

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Emerald Jungle

The Emerald Jungle area allows guests to be integrated in nature specifically with the Jungle. Deep Emerald Green is our main colour with many other green nuances. Rippling textures, woods, copper green tiles and natural patterns are all inspired by the local jungle and wildlife. The headboard design is inspired by local wood and furniture is a wallpaper based on a naturally carved wood.
The Spa and the Healthy Bar and the Health Club are also located in this part of the resort. Materials are natural, deep greens and a range of earthy tones and jungle shades flow throughout the area.

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Dramatic Restaurants

The Village Centre is at the heart of the four themes: it is a culmination of the four Villages bringing together the amazing Club Med Spirit. Colour and textures are celebrated linking the themes from the four other villages. The Village Centre sense of arrival begins with a large main reception, the theme of the ‘Lost Paradise’ with an axis connected to the dramatic long pool that leads the eye to the beach. The Village Centre is where the action of the resort takes place with the retail, bar and theatre on the ground level and the buffet and restaurants up a dramatic curved staircase. Each of the restaurants has it’s own unique identity – ‘Emerald Paradise’ has monkey lights hanging from the ceiling and partition walls. ‘Underwater Mansion’ is the couples restaurant that has the feeling of diving underwater.

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A boutique spa inspired by the islands exquisite butterflies

Unlike Club Med’s Spa in Punta Cana, also in the Dominican, this Spa has a Zen minimalist feel inspired by the minimal architecture. The inspiration for the Spa, like so much of our inspiration on the resort came from nature. We discovered that the island is home to hundreds of species of butterflies, and thought that the life and journey of the butterfly would be a perfectly fitting idea. Every butterfly, like every client, goes through a process of regeneration and rejuvenation that results in beauty and new life.

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Unique Guestrooms

Also, unlike any other Club Med in the world, Miches has integrated four main villages, each of them with its own theme. These unique atmospheres allow guests to experience and discover four unique worlds within one resort. Within the 4 areas, there are 2 that are for adults only, these are called Archipelago and Emerald Jungle. The other two zones are for families and are called Caribbean Paradise and Explorer Cove. Archipelago is inspired by the sea, with the feeling of being on an island, with white and blue accents. Emerald Jungle is inspired by the treehouse and the surrounding jungle. Caribbean Paradise is a celebration of the bright colours of the Caribbean, and Explorer Cove is inspired by the theme of exploration and adventure.

The project is the largest 5 Trident Club Med project in the world and one of the most ambitious and luxurious projects in our portfolio. Fusion Interiors Group have worked hard to design a unique, inspirational, and stunning property.
Hilary Lancaster