Fulham Pier Luxury Spa, London

Luxury Spa
Client Fulham Football Club
Services Concept
Project Type Luxury Spa
Region UK
Brand Fulham Football Club

Natural Beauty

Fulham was home to a famous stained glass house established in 1906. Glass production is a perfect narrative for the spa – the qualities of the material create the base of the design – reflection, transparency and translucency, texture and luminosity. Colour is minimal and comes through in subtle ways.


The ambience is still and uncluttered with use of wood in the treatment and relaxation rooms, comfort is paramount.
comfortable soft relaxation upholstery, flexible ways to lounge and relax. Nature surrounding the client encourages a sense of wellbeing. Textures in glass and the concept of glass-blowing shines through.

Relax & Reflect


Warm & Enticing

The spa needs to have the perfect balance of warmth with minimalism, texture with calm and nature with glamour. We see a mix of wood, touches of planting and accents of gold that really compliment the green tones in the scheme. The surprise elements will be the shower, the ice chalice, the luxury sauna and Hamman.


The rooftop pool needs to be dramatic both during the day and into the evening. In the daytime the feature wall needs to be a focal point and backdrop to the pool – the wall could be a texture, planting, artwork etc. The pool tiles we see as more rich turquoise in colour than blue. An infinity effect of the edge of the pool would be perfect for those millions of insta shots!

Diving into the Dream

FIG’s concept and schematic design work for the Fulham Football Club new stadium development pitch was outstanding. We would highly recommend them as a creative and professional team of designers.
Phil Pickett, Legends Project Management