Editorial on FIG on Restaurant Update

FUSION INTERIORS GROUP (FIG) Award winning & Unique International Interior and Branding Design

Restaurant Interior Design, Hospitality Design, F&B Consulting, Branding, Naming, Wayfinding

Fusion Interiors Group (FIG) are a global team of interior and graphic designers, with a wealth of experience in F&B design.  With a forward-thinking approach to interior design, FIG push the boundaries beyond conventional design. We take our inspiration from the world around us to create unique conceptual narratives for each and every project in order to deliver unique interiors that try to move away from what are the ‘trends’. We prefer to design to stories that leave lasting impressions on people’s lives, resulting in designs that stand the test of time.

Established 12 years ago by CEO Hilary Lancaster, FIG has grown to become known for its unique approach. Every project is different. We don’t ‘copy paste’. Our portfolio is varied due to our versatility and our ability to adapt the design specifically and totally to the brief of the client. We avoid a ‘house-style’, so that every project in the world is like no other.

Our ‘Global Studio’, of 35 strong, is made up of a diverse collaboration of highly talented designers – each one of us is at the top of our field. Our studios work together to bring fresh influences and ideas into our work via our own internal cultural diversity. The future is about collaboration – within our team, with clients, with suppliers, and fellow consultants. We are not ‘diva’s’. Our collaborative approach makes our projects smoother and communication lines are open – making for harmonious working relationships which we believe is one of the secrets to successful property development projects.

We have highlighted 4 restaurants below. We design either standalone restaurants and bars or F&B within hotels. We also do environmental graphics alongside the interiors. Silvio’s is an example of this.

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