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At a New Dominican Republic Resort, the Art of Modern Caribbean Design

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By Caribbean Journal Staff

The newest resort in the Dominican Republic, Club Med Miches, Playa Esmerelda is now open, and Hilary Lancaster, CEO of Fusion Interiors Group, which designed the property, gave Caribbean Journal an insight into how she achieved the look of the stunning new beach resort.

The first edition of Caribbean Journal’s new Caribbean Design Lab series gives you a look at the forefront of hotel design in the Caribbean region.
By Hilary Lancaster

As the interior designers for the entire project our vision was to surprise the guests wherever possible and aim for them to expect the unexpected at every space they enter.

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Coal & Cooper restaurant with terra cotta flooring and natural tan shades.Our intention was to incorporate nature in all areas and bring an array of colors to the resort adding local influences.

Our concept encompassed the “Eco-Chic” spirit, surrounded by minimalist architecture.

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The lounge area of the swim up bar in the Emerald Jungle Zone.Unlike any other Club Med in the world, Miches has integrated four main villages, each of them with its own theme.

These unique atmospheres allow guests to experience and discover four unique worlds within one resort. They are Explorer Cove, Emerald Jungle, Caribbean Paradise and Archipelago.

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Hilary Lancaster (All photos by Carlos Garcia Herrera and Frederic Ducout).

The Village Centre is at the heart of the four themes: it is a culmination of the four Villages bringing together the amazing Club Med Spirit.

Colour and textures are celebrated linking the themes from the four other villages. The reception theme is called “Lost Paradise” and the restaurants include themes named “Emerald Paradise,” “Underwater Mansion” and “The Last Crusade” mixing the themes of Paradise, with the water and with exploration.

Explorer Cove For the Explorer Cove zone we were inspired by a time of exploration in the Caribbean on both the land and sea. We included references to maps and navigation, and rope from sunken ships. Subtle references to snakes for example in the bathrooms there are tiles designed with inspiration from snake skins.

Emerald Jungle The Dominican Republic is a natural wonder of the Caribbean. There are hundreds of rivers, streams and waterfalls. It has over 10,000 species of flowering plants and 172 species of birds. We were naturally fascinated by the wildlife and that is how we became inspired to bring the materials and textures to this area.

Deep Emerald Green is our main color, with many other green and earthy nuances. Rippling textures, woods, ceramics and patterns are all inspired by the local jungle and wildlife.

The Spa treatments rooms and the Yoga Retreat are surrounded by nature. The design is simple with a luxurious feel with views directly to the jungle allowing the experience to be totally unique.

Carved wooden screens and perforated walls create an intriguing interplay between darkness, shadow and light. Traditional potted plants are found inside the Spa.

Guests can enjoy the full nature experience in this Village with the rooms on stilts they can be totally submerged in the jungle.

Caribbean Paradise In this Village Club Med guests are immersed in an authentic, unconventional and unusual paradise. They will be able to experience being inside a tropical garden.

As well as being inspired by local tropical gardens we were also inspired by the the fun and vibrancy of Caribbean carnivals.

The interior architecture of the area will be simple and modern to reflect the present. The soft furnishes are colourful, emulating the vibrant colours of local tropical fruits and flowers and the carnival costumes. The local cultural and architectural elements are being introduced through patterns, textures, ceramics, woods and natural weaves.

“Paradise” is emphasized here, giving that feeling of a totally tropical paradise garden on the beach.

Archipelago We based our inspiration here from the richness of the Caribbean sea-life. Romantic and cozy, the private villas allow guests to enjoy a secluded and luxurious atmosphere.

The concept of the coral reef is brought into our design through colour and texture, since the coral reefs are considered as one the most important geographical features of the Caribbean Sea. Shades of blues and whites representing the freshness of the sea.

For more, visit Club Med Miches Playa Esmeralda.

Hilary Lancaster is the CEO and Creative Director of Fusion Interiors Group in the United Kingdom.

— CJ