Barcelona – ‘FIG’ are inspired!

For our first blog, seeing as we have just won an apart-hotel project in Barcelona we thought we would showcase  a snapshot of the city through FIG eyes.In just a few short intense days we were hooked! We were hooked by the energy, by the creativity, by that special buzz that you can only understand by being here. One of the places we visited was a new furniture showroom that is taking the world by storm. Check out Only opened last June it is oozing with weird and wonderful exotic ‘pieces’ of furniture and homewear as well as fashion and fine art. A whirlwind of colour and a surrealism around every corner we think this one space has managed to capture the ‘cool’ vibe of the city. Ah! And this will be our next topic….how ‘fig’ defines ‘cool’! We also think that the following places are worth checking out 1. The Camper Hotel and Restaurant next door  (though they won’t let you into the hotel!) 2. A design bookshop called ‘Ras’ 3. A special authentic Spanish teahouse with great hot chocolate so thick you eat with a spoon! 4. and not really a place but also a must is the APP ‘BCN DESIGN TOUR’ – it takes you all over the city with a map and highlights the best places to see. Endless inspiration. Give us more more more!!